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A.Krotov’s personal architect’s office 

Alexey Krotov


chief architect

     A.Krotov’s personal architectural studio was founded in 1998.



     Alexey Krotov, the CEO and the founder of the architectural studio, distinguished as the “Honorable builder of Moscow” and the member of the “Union of Architects of Russia” since 1989. During more than 29 years of its activity, the company has developed and built many different dwelling houses and public buildings in Moscow and other major cities.

     We took part in a number of competitive projects and were awarded. The sports complex in Yaroslavl was awarded with certificate “The best construction in 1996”, as it evidenced on the memorable plaque on the mail façade.

     Our architects are developing various multifunctional projects in Russia and tourist complexes by the Adriatic Sea. We take part in a reconstruction of Moscow industrial projects.

     The architectural studio carries out and follows the projects of protection, waterproofing and hydrophobization for foundations, obsolete basement walls, objects of the cultural and historical heritage. The basement walls, having been destroyed by moisture and fungi, become suitable for service and restore their supporting characteristics, after the work is done.

     Our studio worked out the methods and principals of the sophisticated reconstruction of dwelling blocks, consisting of five-level houses, to be distinguished as the first stage of the industrial house building.

     Patterning the micro-district “Zapadnaya polyana” in Penza city, we developed the project proposal on reconstruction of four-level brick houses with the increase in levels up to 9-17. As a result of the reconstruction we get the renewed housing stock with modern infrastructure, which has been obsolete before. The density of buildings is increased, the levels are raised and standard featureless façades become individualistic, enriched with plasticity and effective color gammas. After this type of reconstruction even the flat roofs are to be operated the tenants of adjacent apartments and used as terraces.

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